Our mission is to provide the most empowering, transformational, success-promoting home-study, wholistic health education and business entrepreneurial training program to highly inspired people who are seeking to serve in the most noble of professions, toward changing our ailing world to a vibrantly healthy one.

If you are ready to embark upon a career which will help people receive the vital guidance they need to overcome the throes of disease and uplift their lives, and if you have the entrepreneurial spirit, want to be your own boss, and are seeking a great opportunity—one that is more generous than you have ever imagined—to launch a career as a Vibrant Health Teacher-Counselor, and receive our powerfully transformational educational products and coaching for your own web-based Vibrant Health business, then you have indeed found the key to unlock the door to realizing your dreams of helping a multitude of natural health seekers and of manifesting the prosperity you are seeking!

Vibrant Health & Wealth Career and Business Enterprise Development Teacher-Counselor Certification Program—hereinafter referred to as “The Program”—is the most unique and powerful entrepreneurial wholistic health teacher-counselor program the world has to offer! The Program was created as a means for passionate natural health teacher-counselors to get the absolute best professional wholistic health education training at their own home, for optimizing their own health and for starting or enhancing their own home web-based business. The Program delivers the most revolutionary package of empowering natural principles, skills and practices of any health and business school. You could be up and running within 1 month!

We educate and train VH&WA Teacher-Counselors in the ultimate natural precepts and guidelines for achieving the pinnacle of health—Vibrant Health—and we empower them to satisfy their spiritual longing to fulfill their life’s purpose of doing what they truly love to do: help the world, teaching their families, friends, students and clients the ultimate keys for achieving Vibrant Health and happiness!

The Program includes 10 most powerful courses in Health Science encompassing Natural Health Science, Wholistic Vibrant Lifestyle Practices, Nutritional Science, Vibrant Raw Food Diet, Natural Self-Healing, Vibrant Health Teacher-Counselor Training, and Business Enterprise Development Training, with active ongoing career mentoring and business growth coaching.

The Program is backed by a plethora of conclusive Life Science, grounded in an accurate understanding of human physiology and our true biological nature, as well as the successful experiences of a multitude of Vibrant Living enthusiasts. It empowers our VH&WA Teacher-Counselors to effectively lead clients and our global community from the throes of disease to Vibrant Health, free of the medical treatments and therapy traps. For their goodly work, the Teacher-Counselors reap an abundance of satisfying personal rewards and deep satisfaction.

The most common mistakes humanity make are eating biologically unsuitable foods at virtually every meal, and treating their disease symptoms with medicines and other remedies. People unwittingly tear down their health with almost every bite, gulp and pill! Instead of eating truly nourishing foods, people eat acidifying pseudo-foods from morning till bedtime, destroying their bodies and treating the symptoms with more poisons. That is where your come in.

Your students and clients will learn how their dietary and other lifestyle choices are key factors in the performance of their physiological functions and the preservation of their health. You will teach them how to remove the causes of their diseases and apply Vibrant Lifestyle practices which will liberate them from disease. You will derive superior results and have more success than any other health practitioners because you will be teaching the truth about human physiology, our true biological nature, our true natural biological diet, the most healthful way to eat, and the requisites of self-healing and Vibrant Health.

Your students and clients will revel in the simple beauty and amazing results they receive from the Vibrant Lifestyle Program we espouse. They will shower you with praise for teaching them how to heal naturally, under their own God-given power, how to thrive on their natural Vibrant Diet, and for setting them free of illness and the throes of the disease-care industry. Many will thank you for saving their lives!

The Vibrant Diet model of healthful eating sets us apart from virtually all other schools of diet and nutrition. The Vibrant Diet is humans’ natural biological diet. It has proven to be the most health-promoting of all dietary models for humans, and the only logical way to go when we consider human nutrition, health restoration and health maintenance. The Vibrant Diet brings people back to life!

Via the Business Enterprise Development component of the Program, we guide Students/Graduates through their new online business set-up, or help them enhance their current business, providing our own highly-valued Vibrant Health education digital products which they can begin selling right after they pass their first test with extraordinary 50% sales commissions, and we coach and support them along the way, year after year. If financial freedom and career satisfaction are your goals, we will help you jump-start your visions in a most vivifying fashion!

David Klein, Ph.D., Naturorthopathic Doctor, Program Co-Director
Annette Davidsson, CVHNT, CWHNHC, Program Co-Director
Luka Jaukovich, M.S., Marketing Director


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